What is Wordabble?
Wordabble is a tile-based word search game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Form words 4 letters or longer in length by tapping or dragging your finger across connecting tiles. Learn new vocabulary with our dictionary, challenge your friends for the highest score, play by yourself, or get addicted and become a 'Hot' player. You won't be able to put the game down!
A new challenge every day!
Marathon Game
No time constraints – take as long as you'd like to finish the entire puzzle!
Timed Game
Play a timed game against the clock.
Game stats, including words per tile and words based on length.
Change the color of tiles depending on your mood.
Unlimited gameplay
Play three different game modes.
Save your progress and compete for the highest score.
The top 20 players are featured on our rankings page. Can you make it?
Found a word and have no idea what it means? Look it up in our dictionary!
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If you love words, you'll love this game. Addictive, so be forewarned.